1. Chrissy girl, you are doing the right thing! A little break is all you two needed. Just a little one because you two love each other deeply. These issues will not keep you two apart. And besides,you two look perfect together!

  2. e.jones says:

    i just wish that if u going to be with Jim u need to step up your game and stop crying like a bitch. I just get mad and mad watching the show and all u do is bitch about stupid shit and always winding. You bitched enough on tv to get a ring and the man of your dreams want to settled down and have a baby with u and now you want to pursue your dreams or you really want to define yourself. You really need to grow up and get yourself together on what you want and your career and your show. I see that anybody can make a show to get paid.

  3. Clarissa says:

    I love Crissy, I really think she is a strong woman. I get it, never settle: fight for what you want! There are a lot of women who allow there significant other to do way to much. Crissy knows her worth and she is also aware of the fact that she loves her man and he loves her as well, that’s why he is not letting go. Jimmy not crazy Crissy is definitely a keeper!!

  4. Sha'Ree says:

    Chrissy Girl … I just wantthat cut… And in any relationship most of the time you have to compromise… Yall put some Jesus in it and believe me you!!!!!! ……yall will make it.

  5. Sham says:

    Chrissy and Jim Joones is a perfect couple and you inspire me. Chrissy I want to be just like you sccessful and too have a great man like Mr Jones. Can’t Wait for Season 2,, Love you guys so much keep ii up